Jan Kiefer

Bora Tanay

derma off
Grichka Commaret


Jérôme Baccaglio

Everything Looks like a Nail
Silicon Malley

Melanie Akeret


This happened or maybe it did not. The time is long past and much is forgot.
Matthias Liechti

Marie Gyger

Matthieu Laurette


Rupture de Stock
Dac Hanh Nguyen

Exposition Collective
Thomas Julier & Miriam Laura Leonardi, Charly Mirambeau, Ceylan Öztrük, Caroline Schattling Villeval, Kelly Tissot - - proposée par Paolo Baggi

Adrien Chevalley

Un vendredi à la campagne.
Les champs de blé s'étendaient à l'infini.

Andreas Hochuli


On Italian museography...
Koenraad Dedobbeleer, Antonios Prokos, David Viladomiu, Lerna Bagdjian, Eric Bonhôte, Lois Bouche, Svenja Clausen, Noé Cuendet, Vincent Dorfmann, Florent Dubois, Floriane Fol, Fanny Frykberg Wallin, Alexandra Fuchs, Eva Hürlimann, Valentine Jaques, Valdrin Jashari, Daniela Lopes Peñaloza, Nina Mosca, Marion Moutal, Philippine Radat, Germán Ribera Marín, Valentine Robin, Felix Spangenberg, Constance Steinfels, Annabelle Thüring


Chemical Charm
Katie Lenanton, Raphaëlle Mueller and Sarah Sandler
with Honkasalo-Niemi-Virtanen

Gabriele Garavaglia


A Game You Just Can't Win
Francisco Gonzales

Lauren Coullard

Terrasse 2017—
Alfredo Aceto, Virginia Ariu, Diego de Atucha, Josse Bailly, Rose Ballmer, Jacques Bonnard, Paul Bonnet, Fabian Boschung, Noémie Boulon, Francesco Cagnin, Corentin Canesson & Damien Le Dévédec, Loucia Carlier, Christophe de Rohan Chabot, Lorraine Châteaux, Adrien Chevalley, Aisha Christison, Philippe Decrauzat, Nicolas Degrange, Basile Dinbergs, Natacha Donzé, Guillaume Ehinger, Lucas Erin, Agnès Ferla, Pierre Girardin, Gitte Hendrikx, Simone Holliger, Thomas Jeppe, Thomas Koenig, Stéphane Kropf, Elise Lammer, Tristan Lavoyer, Renaud Loda, Francois Mark, Guy Meldem, Guillaume Pilet, Sabrina Röthlisberger, Jessica Russ, Matthias Sohr, Sylvain Croci-Torti, Sébastien Verdon, Paulo Wirz, Alicia Zaton...

Damián Navarro

Romain Hamard

Social Club
Lucas Uhlmann

"I love it like I love things you maybe shouldn’t love"
Aline Acevedo
Arnaud Barras
Flurina Casty
Céline Heini
Hlengiwe Lushaba Madlala
Simon Lyxzen

free time
Demelza Watts

You make the program of life, you make the program
Real Madrid

Terrasse 2013—2017
Mixed media, 300 × 300 × 125 cm, 2017


César Chevalier
Noémie Vulpian

omni / snippet
Jérôme Baccaglio et Guillaume Dénervaud

Henry Codax
Henry Codax

Autonomous Device
Sarah Margnetti

Nicolas Degrange

press the light :
start the show

Antonin Fassio

Scenes from Salad
Jean–Charles Delarue


Death of the Shambls
Alfredo Aceto, Anonymes, Jérôme Baccaglio, Josse Bailly, Emile Barret – Maya Rochat, Céline Burnand, Mathieu Cart, Guillaume Ehinger, Giulia Essyad, Yan-Luc Ming, Emanuele Marcuccio, Sophie Nys, Pierre Vadi, Gaia Vincensini, Jodie Zbinden

Robin Lebey

Guitare, Tanpura et Tabla électronique.
Myriam Stamoulis

62 clous
Jean-Luc Manz

En territoire ennemi (waste session), 2015
284×255 cm
Huile sur toile
Mathieu Dafflon

Concert & Poster
Simon Rivière

Thomas Baud, Giulia Essyad, Thomas Koenig, Thomas Vogel, Laura Zalewski & Guillaume de Nadaï

Silicon Malley
Silicon Malley is an artist-run-space designed since 2015 as a suite of “carte blanche” for artists, musicians, performers, curators, theorists and collectives. Silicon Malley is a white parallelepiped rectangle that has been designed to leave the greatest freedom of action, with regards to the mediation or the broadcast of a public presentation. Silicon Malley has organised about thirty exhibitions, performances, concerts since its inception, with artists from local and international scenes (Jean-Luc Manz, Sarah Margnetti, Henry Codax, Real Madrid, Lauren Coullard, Gabriele Garavaglia, Alienze). Silicon Malley is supported by the Nestlé Foundation for Art for the exhibitions 2020-2021

Team: Grégoire Bolay, Julien Fischer, Arthur Fouray, Frédéric Gabioud, Paul Limoujoux, Baker Wardlaw.

Chemical Charm

Katie Lenanton, Raphaëlle Mueller and Sarah Sandler with Honkasalo-Niemi-Virtanen

credits photo: Raphaëlle Mueller

Cette exposition a bénéficié du soutien du Fonds cantonal d’art contemporain, DIP, Genève, la Loterie Romande, et Frame Contemporary Art Finland.
We welcome you share a pheromone encounter with us

Chemical Charm
Installation, sound residue, programmed fluorescent lights, USB diffusers, oil diffusers, breast milk, pheromones diffused and rubbed into surfaces

Alpha Female Pheromone (Androsterone)
Raw Pheromones for Sex & Status
Human & Pig Arousal Pheromone (Androstanone)
Alpha Male Pheromone (Alpha-Androsterone)
Female Copulins to Intoxicate Males
Wild Boar & Pig Attractant
Pig Sex Pheromone

A Love Story Between 2 Species, 2018.
Sensor-responsive performance for opening

USB mist diffuser, Human & Pig Arousal Pheromone (Androstanone)
Volcano diffuser, Marilyn Monroe Pheromones, breast milk

Honkasalo-Niemi-Virtanen. Share the Fantasy, 2017 – 18. Artist book as wallpaper,coincidental candle, oil diffuser, Female Copulins to Intoxicate Males, Pig Sex Pheromone

We’ve been thinking about how we know so little about our noses, but they operate as a gateway for invisible penetrative forces—pheromones—to enter deep into a primordial space. They subconsciously hijack our bodies, imposing upon us a plethora of volatile biological effects that simultaneously exist but remain largely indiscernible.

≈ Raw Pheromones for Sex & Status ≈ Marilyn Monroe Pheromones ≈

Our interior soup bubbles but it’s impossible to pinpoint which piece of carrot is nudging up against that onion, or what propels it there. We play with placebo narratives. Pheromones battery charge our joysticks, manoeuvering us towards desires, impulses, and innermost encounters with beings, others and environments. Our synapses comandeer multiple dualling signals that layer, waft and dissipate. Here, hierarchical interspecies dynamics are temporarily muted, binaries soften, we are all encompassed.

≈ Human & Pig Arousal Pheromone (Androstanone) ≈ Female Copulins to Intoxicate Males ≈

Scientists in the ‘60s started to use ‘alpha’ as a signifier for animal dominance, and this was later applied to humans in the early ‘ 90s. Flexing their authority, alpha scientists named alpha subjects. The alpha is the brightest star, the number one, the beast who demands to be followed. The wet thrill of trying to stare down an ox.

≈ Alpha Female Pheromone (Androsterone) ≈ Alpha Male Pheromone (Alpha-Androsterone) ≈

An alpha has the authority to name something naturally occurring but unverifiable. It can claim that its synthetic twin is valid, active, powerful. It believes in its capacity to control, and that it has the right to exert this capacity. It naturalises submissive behaviour, and this dynamic transcends human behaviours to oppress other species. This alpha leans heavily on its own reproductive importance. Willing instrumentalisation occurs through acts of industrial insemination that enact cycles of generative capital.

≈ Pig Sex Pheromone ≈ Wild Boar & Pig Attractant ≈

How to speak of something whose very existence is uncertain ? Can we form a partial understanding through cumulative fragments ? Organic desire responds to chemical control. Dissonance and residue overrides explanations articulated through default authoritative knowledges. Our language to express this is incomplete, so we attempt to communicate with gesturing bodies instead.